Many Deadly Returns

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A real treat in store for all you crime thriller thrill-seekers in the company of these professional actors as they give live literary readings from the work of that group of award-winning crime writers known, quite aptly, as the ‘Murder Squad’. Humshaugh village hall on Friday 22 April at 19.30. Can you work out where to buy tickets?



March’s film night

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Catch 007 in a rather different role in this 2019 film. And don’t forget to leave room for one (or more!) of those delicious puds.

Film night

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OK – let’s try again to get Film Night 22 going with this multi award-winning pic. Tickets on sale in the shop.


Film night

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Sadly, with more Covid cases in the village, this month’s film night has been called off, but this classic film will be shown later in the year.

Pedlars in Humshaugh (Originally Posted 2018)

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Some villagers may have been approached by young men selling cleaning utensils in a haversack (Usually claiming they have been in prison for assault). It has happened to me. I have had two separate visits over the last few weeks. Both young men put me under pressure to buy something. The first one, a few weeks ago, harassed me and became aggressive when I would not buy something because he did not have any ID. The second one produced an ID document which I found was forged, after I called the police.

I realised, now, how ignorant I was not knowing the law on pedlars. I have therefore done a little homework. I find they must have a pedlar’s certificate from the police. (See copy below).

If you wish to know more here is a link to read;

Richard Hewitt