Hadrian’s Wall Country

Hadrian’s Wall, one of the greatest feats of construction by one of the greatest empires of the world. Humshaugh is located to much of the well known famous parts of Hadrian’s Wall. This page provides basic details of various tourist sites within a 20 mile radius of Humshaugh.

WebsiteDescriptionfrom Humshaugh Village Shop
Chesters Roman Fort & MuseumChesters Roman Fort is the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain.1.2 miles
Brunton TurretWall section and a surviving piece of turret two and a half metres high, built by men of the Twentieth Legion.1.2 miles
Brocolitia Roman Temple The Temple of Mithras near Carrawburgh Roman Fort.4.4 miles
Corbridge Roman TownCorbridge became one of only two substantial towns in the Hadrian’s Wall zone.8.3 miles
Housesteads Roman Fort Housesteads is the most complete example of a Roman fort in Britain, and one of the best-known from the entire Roman Empire.9.0 miles
Vindolanda Vindolanda is one of Europe's most important Roman archeological sites. 11.2 miles
Steel Rigg and Sycamore GapBest Hadrian's wall walk & best views: Steel Rigg to Housesteads, via Sycamore Gap. 12.3 miles
Cawfields Roman Wall At Cawfields is a dramatic stretch of Hadrian's Wall on a steep slope, one of the highest standing sections of the Wall. Within its length there are turrets and an impressive milecastle, which was probably built by the Second Legion. 14.8 miles
Roman Army MuseumFantastic family-friendly gallery opened here in 2011. Set in magnificent countryside next to a sweeping section of Hadrian's Wall, the Roman Army Museum is an authentic and dramatic tribute to Rome’s extraordinary military legacy. 17.3 miles
Walltown Visitor Information Here you can see where Hadrian's Wall was built on the north facing edge of a great wave of volcanic rock. You can experience woodlands, meadows, wildlife lakes, with pleasant circular walks enjoyed by everyone including those in wheelchairs and buggies.17.4 miles
Walltown Crags This is one of the finest places to see Hadrian's Wall, where it snakes and dives through dramatic countryside along the crags of the Whin Sill. 17.8 miles
Hadrian's Cavalry 2017: Events Taking place from Saturday 8 April to Sunday 10 September 2017, Hadrian’s Cavalry explores the role and daily life of the Roman army’s cavalry forces in a unique wall-wide exhibition that stretches the full 150 miles of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site area – from Maryport in the west to South Shields in the east.Various

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