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Some of you have been really busy taking us up our Bag Shot Challenge. Here are some of the contenders for our just-for-fun competition to take the funniest, most exotic or surprising shot of our stylish Humshaugh Village Shop bags. They’ve already been to the other side of the world and, in response to our gauntlet throwing, to Bagshot itself. Keep the pictures coming. We now have a small gallery in the shop as well as this on-line one. The Journal heard about our bit of fun and published this story along with some of your pictures. They’ve recently done another story following our bag’s South Pole adventure.


RACE TO THE POLE Malcolm and Anne Race (below) must have set a new Humshaugh Village Shop bag record on their latest holiday. They made it all the way to Antarctica. Previously the most extreme latitiudes a bag had journeyed to was 71 degrees 10 minutes and 21 seconds North when Brian and Margaret Earl took their trusty shopper to the most northerly point in Norway (see way below).

Anne Race in Antarctica

Anne Race in Antarctica

Malcolm Race at Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Malcolm Race at Port Lockroy, Antarctica

One of our bags made it to the Olympic Park in London. Sporting the popular lime green version is the Chief Executive of the BIG Lottery Fund Peter Wanless. After all our awards in the last three years an Olympic gold would be the icing on the cake.

Olympic Big Lottery Bag

BIG Lottery Fund Chief Executive, Peter Wanless, with the Humshaugh Village Shop bag in the Olympic Park.

Here are a couple of epic shots taken much closer to home. On June 15th 2012 Shop Chairman Dick Moules had the great honour of carrying the Olympic torch at the start of its journey from Alnwick to Newcastle. Afterwards we couldn’t resist getting him to pose outside the shop.

Here are some shots of Sally Douglas’s lime green bag taking centre stage at the House of Lords in March. It was there for the Countryside Alliance Awards. Humshaugh Village Shop was Highly Commended (i.e. 2nd) in the best village shop/post office category.

Countryside Alliance Awards

Left to right: Steve Robins, Philip Johnston of the Daily Telegraph, Defra Minister Richard Benyon MP, Sally Douglas, Ray Blanckley.

Countryside Alliance Awards March 2012

Steve Robins, Ray Blanckley, Sally Douglas, Hexham MP Guy Opperman

A new year and a new continent. 2012 has produced our first bag shot from Africa. The picture of a Humshaugh Village Shop in fetching pink at the Cape of Good Hope was sent in by Jan and Jack Chown. “Taken at some risk to life and health from all the other tourists milling around! Still, when you have a mission to fulfil nothing can stop you.”

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

The following photo is laying claim to the Humshaugh Village Shop bag altitude record. Huw Oliver took it around 2000 metres up in the French Alps when he was mountain bike guiding.

French Alps

2000 metres up in the French Alps

The shop’s closest neighbours, Alan Kent-Capper and Claire Hodgson took these exotic pictures in Mauritius.

These photos from our ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ were taken at Casela Nature & Leisure Reserve, Mauritius (South West of Island):  Their aim is to found a captive breeding unit of both lions, tigers and cheetahs, so as in a near future they may help in rehabilitating these species in the wild.  The British couple who run this park, fund their project through paying visitors where you can also choose to ‘Walk with Lions’ and interact directly with all the BIG CATS!  This experience was just amazing as we absolutely LOVE LIONS!!!

Barry and Anne Roxburgh have, as promised, sent us another annoyingly sunny picture – this time from Bermuda. It’s a shot of Anne at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club.

Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Bermuda

Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Bermuda

Jack and Chown have been busy again. Here’s a picture of a Humshaugh bag blending in with Norway’s National Day celebrations in Oslo on May 17th. It features the Chowns’ daughter, her sons, parents in law and friends dressed in traditional costumes.

Norway's National Day May 17th 2011

Shop director Barry Roxburgh and his wife Anne sent us this picture of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Barry says”As you can see the weather isn’t very good – eat your heart out! Next bagshot a mid-Atlantic one in Bermuda where the weather might improve?” Thanks Barry, you’ve made us feel a whole lot better.

CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

April brought a shower of your pictures which have only just made it onto the site and the shop gallery. Sorry for the delay. Sara Jane Palmer’s pictures from New York prove that the Humshaugh Village Shop bag has become a style icon. The first two were taken at the Museum of Modern Art. The last one doesn’t need an explanation.

Andy Warhol

Paul Chan

The next set are from that rootin’ tootin’ son-of-a-gun from Brunton Crossroads, Jimmy Duncan, who’s been exploring cowboy country. Everyone seems to be sporting pink this month.

Custer’s last shop

The Bag from Laramie

The Bag from Laramie

Old Faithful Geyser

Even geysers can wear pink

Guy and Margret Jacot sent us a picture of a very game bird proudly posing with a Humshaugh bag. We’re told it was a recovering road accident victim rather than a bird that was stalked for hours with a very long lens but it makes a lovely bag shot. The picture was taken in Surrey – not Bagshot but near Farnham.

A game bird posing with its bag.

Humshaugh, we have a problem!

But it’s a great problem. We are getting plenty of brilliant photos of your beloved Humshaugh Village Shop bags in all sorts of interesting and unusual places but Jack and Jan Chown’s latest pics have raised the bar. In fact one of them is out of this world.

The Chowns only intended to go to Toulouse and Languedoc but, as you can see below, they persuaded the British Airways crew to go beyond the call of duty. Not quite to infinity and beyond but pretty close. The flight attendant even used a Humshaugh bag for her demi-baguettes.

Jan and Jack bag the best seats on the plane.

A new roll for the famous Humshaugh bag.

Sarah Moules has sent us a pretty impressive set of photos from the other side of the world. She’s been to see the sights in Sydney, Australia.

Sarah Moules at Sydney Harbour.

Going for a song – our great value bag at the Sydney Opera House.

Three directors and three volunteers travelled to the House of Lords in London on Wednesday March 30th for the Countryside Alliance awards ceremony. You can read a report on the event here. But while we were there we couldn’t resist getting some new pictures for the Bag Shot Gallery.

The shot below comes all the way from South America. It’s from a friend of Liz and Nick Hayward who’s posing outside the BBC (the Bogota Beer Company) in the Colombian capital.

Liz & Nick Hayward

The picture below is from Graham and Pat Blackler. They were on board the Coral Princess, sailing from the Pacific to the Caribbean via the Panama Canal.

Graham and Pat Blackler

And here’s a happy shopper on a beach in Belize. We don’t know who it is but the photo arrived in the Glendinnings’ inbox from a friend of theirs. It’s good for water skiing around there apparently because the sea slopes.

A happy shopper on a beach in Belize

After the sort of winter we’ve had in Humshaugh the very top end of Norway is not exactly the first place you’d choose for a cruise. But Brian and Margaret Earl have just returned with a photo of their shopping bag (or should that be freezer bag) at 71 degrees 10 minutes and 21 seconds north and minus 20 degrees Celsius. Nordkapp (North Cape) is the most northerly point in Europe and way above the Arctic Circle.

Nordkapp, Norway

Nordkapp (North Cape), Norway

Brian Earl shares one of his jokes with an unamused Neptune as they cross the Arctic Circle.

Another recent addition to the gallery is from Jennifer Hewitt who’s just returned from New Zealand. Not content with going to the ends of the earth, Jennifer went to Hell … well to the front door anyway. And you can’t go much further than that. We think she’s discovered a new line we ought to be stocking in the shop … barbecue-in-the-bag meals.

Hell's Gate


The Jacots

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada – Sarah Lamb (Ray Blanckley

Rotorua, New Zealand. Dianne Glendinning

New Zealand, Alan Glendinning

New Zealand. Suzanne Newell

And just to prove that you don’t have to go the the ends of the earth …

Bagshot Travel. Alan Robson

or how about…

Bagshot News. Alan Robson

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