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Get your tickets now for the Lawnmowers Theatre production of “Mist” at Humshaugh Village Hall on Tuesday July 16th. They’re free and available from the shop. Please make a donati0n after the show.

The Lawnmowers are no strangers to Humshaugh and this time they’re staging a play about the controversial topic of Personal Independence Payments and the government’s programme of re-assessment. It explores the human cost behind the repeated, often confusing, process through the eyes of Frankie, a young woman with learning disabilities.

The Lawnmowers is a unique theatre company  that is run by and for people with learning disabilities. Funded by the Community Foundation and the Arts Council, the group works towards a just and equal society,  honouring and developing the culture of people with learning disabilities. The group explores and develops their ideas with a view to taking control of their own futures.

The company has a professional base with rehearsal and performance spaces in Swinburne House in Gateshead and for 20 years has been involved in hundreds of workshops and performances locally, nationally and internationally.  The company has produced videos, booklets and DVDs and has now developed an apprenticeship scheme. 6 years ago, the company worked with a band of Brazilian musicians on a dynamic production entitled ‘Boomba Down the Tyne’, which was toured nationally and to an enthusiastic audience in Humshaugh. The latest production, entitled ‘Mist’, lasts 50 minutes and promises to be thought-provoking as well as entertaining.

Entrance is free but we encourage you to give a donation after the show. It helps HAP (Humshaugh Arts Programme) to know how many people may be coming so, if you would like to attend, could you please get a ticket from the village shop. That’s not to say  you won’t get in if you turn up at the door.

Doors open at 6.30pm and the show begins at 7.00.

It will be a unique experience with a unique theatre group.

You can find out more on the group’s website:
or from Facebook: