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2 Responses to Gone Cuckoo

  • I believe you are referring to the new plan application reference 17/01931/OUT which can be seen here;

    Richard Hewitt

    I have now put an appropriate “pop up” onto this website and the Parish website

    Richard Hewitt

  • Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but there isnt a village news section.
    An outline planning application has been submitted to the county council for a massive new housing estate to be built somehwere between Chollerford Roundabout and the Chesters. The public notice is tucked away in this weeks (or last) courant.
    It also incorrectly lists the road as the b8318 instead of the 6318.
    the notice is extremely vague about the location. I have walked the road today and can’t find A planning application notice anywere. From the notice in the courant its impossible to deduce where the planned estate may be built.
    This a major attempt to test the water and if outline permission is given then the whole area is under threat.
    This plan will inlvove closing or diverting a public right of way and disturbing ther setting of a listed building.
    The wholle area from the george to the Chesters is in a floodzone!!!
    I know the land opposite the garage has recently changed hands and i have thought for some time that an application would be made there. But there isn’t any public notice there.
    if this goes ahead then very soon the entire side of the hill above the military road will be a horrible housing estate.
    This application will be incredibly tough to get through given its a floodzone, moving rights of way and interfering with listed buildings. They are going for the jackpot this time and if they win then lovely area will be decimated and i will move.
    we all need to contact the county council asap and find out where it is, inform them that the public notice has incorrectly named ther road and that a public notice has not been posted.
    I have been expecting this kind of attack on our area for some time.
    And yes, this is an attack.

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