Looking for ideas for Xmas gifts?

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How about this from local author, Sarah Fae? A children’s story told in rhythm and rhyme through the eyes of a young boy ‘Hector the Forest Protector’, but with a message for us all about conservation. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go to projects for rewilding areas of Northern England and the Scottish Highlands.

Juicy news! Don’t Tell William.

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Apple pressing this year will take place on the weekends of 26/27 September and 3/4 October from 10am until 4pm. Sadly, due to Covid19 restrictions, we are only able to press apples for residents in Humshaugh Parish and Wall Village.


New book about Humshaugh!

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Residents and visitors alike will be interested in the latest output from Humshaugh Publications. Based largely on the unpublished work of an anonymous historian, this book is well illustrated, not just with old photographs and illustrations that may be familiar to some, but with a host of original works assembled specifically for this publication. Available in the shop now for just £5.